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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag!
What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag!

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag!

Congratulations, you've made it to your third trimester! Now is the time to begin thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag. Peace of mind goes a long way when you’re having a baby. Getting things organized beforehand (freezer meals, baby clothes washed and folded) can help calm any jitters you might have about this exciting, life-changing event.
Add to this list of prep items a hospital bag that's packed with the items you’ll need before you depart for the hospital or birthing center. Because — why wait? Your impending birth probably won't be as frantic as those seen in the movies, but your infant could still make their debut faster than usual or even on the early side. So, hedge your bets and be prepared with a hospital bag that’s ready to go at least a few weeks ahead of your due date and leave it near the front door or in your car trunk.
Here are a few items that will ensure that you and your partner will be ready to go on delivery day!


  • ID, insurance info & birth plan: This isn't the 'fun stuff' but it's the 'must-have' stuff! Make sure you have a photo ID, insurance card and your birth plan ready to go and easily accessible.
  • Bathrobe: A soft robe will be used for before, during, and after your labor when you spend some time in the hospital and want to be "covered" in comfort!

  • Nightgown: Consider getting a nightgown that opens in the front for easy nursing access and of course make sure it's one that's "picture and family" appropriate!
  • Toiletries: Bring your faves - shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, deodorant, face wash, lotion and don't forget your lip balm! Self-explanatory, but bring extra towels. It will feel so nice to have the luxury of “home” and not use the towels that are scratchy at the hospital.
  • Proof Leak Proof Undies: If mesh hospital undies aren’t your thing, pack a pair of Proof leak proof underwear in any style you like. For postpartum, we recommend the max absorbency immediately after birth. As you heal, you can begin to reduce the absorbency to meet your needs. 
  • Bras: Belly Bandit Nursing Bras are a must whether you plan to breastfeed or not! Remember your breasts will be swollen and you'll want gentle support, day & night.

  • Belly Bandit® Belly Wraps: You'll want to start wearing your Belly Wrap immediately postpartum, so packing it in your hospital bag is key. Your Belly Wrap will provide much-needed support and aid in your recovery. We recommend continuing to wear it for 6-8 weeks post-delivery to help you feel your best while you make a complete recovery.
  • Belly Bandit® C-Section & Postpartum Recovery Undies: Our C-section and Recovery Undies will come to your rescue with targeted compression to help reduce swelling and with silver-infused fibers to help eliminate bacteria and odor.
  • Slippers: You'll want a pair that is easy to slide on as you move around the hospital - non-skid socks are another way to go!

  • Nipple Cream: Yep, dry, cracked nipples are for real! Nipple creams, such as Lansinoh Lanolin, will help soothe and provide relief.
  • Clothes: Yes, you'll want to look good for pics and visitors but think comfort first. Loose-fitting tops with your go-to leggings are a great option. You can also toss in a pair of comfy PJs with a button front top that makes it easy to breastfeed. You’ll want to feel comfortable, but cute for visitors. 

  • Pillow/blanket: Even if you aren’t a light sleeper, bringing your own pillow, ear plugs and blanket makes you feel a lot more comfortable. Creature comforts are everything.
  • Slippers: Bring slippers to walk around the hospital and comfy socks! And, don’t forget to throw in a pair of compression socks in case you experience swelling. You won't want to put shoes on after giving birth or think about bending over. Also, don’t forget a pair of flats for the trip home! 


  • Pillows:  A rested partner is a helpful and supportive partner. Make sure they are covered with a nice pillow from home, even if there is no sleep guaranteed.

  • Entertainment: Grab a tablet, music player or anything else that will keep you both entertained...although we think mom + baby will keep them plenty occupied!
  • Phone & Charger: Don't forget to bring your phone and an 'extra long' charging cable to keep in touch with your loved ones and to update your social profiles with your exciting news! That said, also make sure to pack your cameras (charged), and tripods to capture this once in a lifetime memory. Make sure to take lots of pictures and videos! At the time you are going cute, but looking back, you’ll be so grateful you took the pics and home video. 
  • Snacks & Water: Grab a bag of your favorite chips, trail mix or granola bars as you'll want to fuel your body. Also, bringing your water bottle and change for the vending machine is always a good idea too.  The cafeteria isn’t always open 24/7 and you are up at weird hours of the night. It is good to bring some snacks for both you and your significant other to enjoy like dried mangos, turkey jerky, and trail mix.


  • Baby Clothes & Swaddle Blanket: You'll want to pack a "bringing baby home" outfit. Make sure it's easy to put on - onesies are great - and is seasonally appropriate. Also, consider a muslin swaddle blanket that's naturally breathable, soft, durable and most importantly will keep baby comfortable. They will have diapers, wipes and everything else in between! Also make sure you bring an extra tote bag to stock up on the items they give you at the hospital (burp clothes, diapers, pads etc..)

  • Car Seat: You can't leave the hospital without one, so be sure you get your car seat professionally installed long before your due date. There's nothing better than seeing it secured in your back seat (rear-facing) and knowing your baby will be taking her first ride in it!

Whatever you do, don’t stress about packing. If you think you might want it, pack it. It’s always better to be over prepared than under. When the big day finally arrives, all you’ll care about is your new baby. Good luck, Mama!