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Top Benefits of Wearing a Maternity Bra
Top Benefits of Wearing a Maternity Bra

Top Benefits of Wearing a Maternity Bra

What is a maternity bra?

A maternity bra is a bra that is designed to offer support during pregnancy. Our abdomens aren’t the only body part that grows during pregnancy; our breasts grow too. A maternity bra often includes wider straps and adjustable bands and is usually wireless. It is important to pick out a maternity bra designed to grow with you during every stage of pregnancy.

Do you need a maternity bra? 

During pregnancy, our breasts go through a lot of changes. For example, it is common for your breasts to increase a cup size or two. In addition, your nipples and areolas become more prominent and darker in color. This is to help the baby see the breast better when latching while breastfeeding. In addition, your breasts are sore as they produce colostrum in preparation for feeding your baby. With all these changes occurring, it is essential to offer your breasts the proper support it needs.

Maternity bra vs. nursing bra

While both bras may be worn during pregnancy and postpartum, there are a few differences between maternity and nursing bras. The main difference is that nursing bras contain clasps to allow easy access for breastfeeding. A maternity bra is designed to be worn during pregnancy to support your growing bust and does not always allow easy access for breastfeeding. In addition, it is less likely for a maternity bra to have underwire, while a nursing bra may have underwire or be wireless. 

Top benefits of wearing a maternity bra


It is safe to wear a bra with an underwire during pregnancy. However, many women find benefits in wearing a wireless bra. A bra containing underwire may restrict proper blood flow throughout the breast tissue. In addition, as your belly grows, the band of your bra may feel restrictive due to the pressure from your belly onto your bra. A wireless bra offers comfortable support without compromising the breast cup’s structure. 

Wide bottom band

A wide bottom band helps to provide more comfort by evenly distributing weight under the bust. Also, it helps the bottom band stay in place comfortably at your rib cage without sliding up as you move. 

No clasps, snaps, or buttons 

This seamless design will help keep you comfortable as your breasts grow during pregnancy. Our breasts undergo various changes during pregnancy, and a comfortable fitting bra is very important. 

Perfect for sleep

Maternity bras are designed with the pregnant mom in mind. Comfortability is one of the most important parts of designing the perfect maternity bra. So naturally, ensuring your maternity bra is comfortable for sleep is essential. Maternity bras are stitched with only the best fabric for sleeping. 

Versatile to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy

While maternity bras are created for pregnancy, many women choose to wear them postpartum as well. While they do not have clasps for easy access for breastfeeding, they are great if you formula feed or to wear during times you are not breastfeeding, such as during work or school. 

Breathable fabric

Commonly, women during pregnancy tend to sweat more. However, wearing a maternity bra with breathable fabric may reduce the amount of sweat between or under your breasts. 

Removable pads

Removable padding is great because it makes your maternity bra more versatile. Some women prefer to take out the padding for a more comfortable, breathable option while sleeping. 

Wide adjustable straps

Wide adjustable straps offer the extra support you need during pregnancy. In the first trimester, your bust may increase up to two cup sizes. In addition, your bottom band size may increase as your rib cage expands to make room for your growing belly. 

Breast health

Wearing a maternity bra offers many benefits to your overall breast health. Maternity bras help support the added weight of your breasts decreasing breast pain. Also, wearing a good-fitting maternity bra may reduce the amount of sagging of your breasts after pregnancy. A properly fitted maternity bra will give your breasts the proper support it needs without restricting the blood flow to your breasts. A too tight bra may decrease your milk flow production and make it harder for your milk ducts to prepare for breastfeeding. 

How many maternity bras do I need?

Most women may be ready to switch to a maternity bra during the beginning of their second trimester. Most of the breast development happens during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. Maternity bras are designed to grow with your breast. So purchasing various sizes is not always necessary. The recommended number of maternity bras to own is three. One to wash, one to wear, and one ready on hand. That way, you are always prepared. Also, if you decide to travel during your pregnancy, you have a perfect amount to pack. 

When should I start looking for maternity bras?

Maternity bras can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. However, the beginning of your first trimester is a perfect time to start shopping for the perfect maternity bra. It is estimated that you may grow two full cup sizes and one band size during pregnancy. Most of that change happens in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. 

Belly Bandit Maternity Bras

When Belly Bandit envisioned the perfect Maternity Bra they wanted a breathable bra with removable padding, and adjustable straps. Belly Bandit used their own experiences to create the maternity bra that is not only for maternity but for nursing as well. 

The Bandita Maternity nursing bra offers support during and after pregnancy. This maternity bra offers many benefits. This bra features a seamless, wire-free design with a one- hand clasp release. The adjustable band contains 3 rows. There is also washing machine safe removable padding. If you are a new mom or seasoned mom, you will appreciate the ability to wash the pads, especially if you are breastfeeding. It is truly a one stop shop for all your pregnancy and nursing needs.