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Holiday Travel With Baby!
Holiday Travel With Baby!

Holiday Travel With Baby!

Flying with baby can definitely be challenging, but if you plan ahead it will make your trip a little easier. 

Create a Checklist of Everything You Need

Pack a carry-on with what you need to bring for your baby. 

  • Wipes and diapers: Bring enough baby wipes and diapers that will last through the flight (Hint: You can never have enough!) 
  • Receiving blankets: About two or three blankets for nursing, and keeping your baby warm
  • Clothes: A change of clothes for baby is a must
  • Nursing t-shirt & nursing bras if you're planning on breastfeeding
  • Bottles & formula: Enough formula and bottles so baby has plenty to eat!
  • Pacifiers: Always good "just in case!"
  • Baby carrier: Carrying baby leaves your hands free for luggage
  • Snacks: Baby friendly snacks for your baby to munch on

Form of Identification

Everyone who enters the airport will need to provide a form of identification, including babies. Here are the identifications airports will accept:

  • Birth Certificate: Birth Certificate is the most acceptable form of ID if you and your baby are traveling within the country. A birth certificate will provide the information of baby's age and parents.
  • Letter of Consent from the Parents: When traveling without the baby's parents, it is best to have a letter of consent at hand.

 Have Your Bottles Ready

Prepare your bottles powder only to avoid causing a delay in the TSA line. After passing the security checkpoint, add water if needed. You can also purchase single formula packs. When in flight, ask a flight attendant for warm water.

Book a Seat with a Bassinet Connection

When booking a seat, choose a seat with a bassinet connection for your baby. Get a pre-boarding ticket in order for you to go to your seat earlier.

Bring Your Baby's Favorite Toy(s)

Have your baby's favorite toy(s). Having your baby's favorite toys will keep them occupied, make them feel comfortable and secure.

Travel by Car

Plan Your Route

Longer trips are actually better when traveling with your baby. Route with little stops that have rest areas and attractions could be more fun and educational.

When to Hit the Trail

Consider to travel during the evening or late at night to help maintain your baby's regular sleep schedule. Make sure you go to rest stops, it is best to get to your destination safe than arriving their fast. Another thing to consider if you're driving during a holiday is to drive the day-of instead of a few days ahead as Google Maps will show you a best way to avoid traffic.

Keep Your Baby Busy

Sit with your baby in the backseat to keep them company. Read a book, sing a song, or play with them with their favorite toys. Interaction is important when traveling with your baby. Keeping your baby engaged will be a comfortable ride.

Whether you are traveling by car, or plane always be prepared. Schedule and plan ahead. Your trips will be easy if they are fun adventures. Keep in mind of your baby's needs, a happy baby will be a happy trip.

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