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Moms Who Made It - Brooke Cates
Moms Who Made It - Brooke Cates

Moms Who Made It - Brooke Cates

Here at Belly Bandit HQ, a women-owned and operated company, we believe in celebrating the success of all women in business! Our "Moms Who Made It" series is our way of honoring Mompreneurs who inspire us every day.
This week we're featuring Brooke Cates, founder of the Bloom Method. The Bloom Method is a cutting-edge, doctor-recommended prenatal, and postnatal fitness app that empowers women with safe and vigorous workouts. The goal a stronger pregnancy and a faster postpartum recovery!

Describe your business philosophy in 5 words or less:

Stay Passionate + Trust your path

What inspired you to go into business?

Moms! Witnessing other women ebb and flow through pregnancy + postpartum was the catalyst in The Bloom Method’s creation. Through the journeys of other women, I was able to see the missing link around movement + fitness during pregnancy and early motherhood. The Bloom Method provides the necessary tools that help empower women to fully experience the physical changes while simultaneously gaining the ability to emerge from pregnancy and step into motherhood stronger than imagined. The launch of our online studio/App placed us in a space to help redefine movement for the modern mom on a whole new level.

When did you know you “made it?”

Throughout the growth of Bloom, I’ve never really felt like “I’ve made it”. I’m always creating the next evolution of the method, producing new content for our online studio, working hard to shift the common narrative around pregnancy + postpartum experiences and expanding on the visions we are bringing to the lives of so many women. Each layer of success simply creates space for my next vision to unfold. We have a lot of work to do in normalizing aspects of pre + postnatal fitness and Pelvic floor health. We’re just getting started!

Who is your mentor?

My Dad!! My dad has always allowed me to be exactly who I was while encouraging me to seek what my soul craves. He reminds me to constantly stay focused on my “big vision or my why” and to trust my intuition every step of the journey. Creating The Bloom Method is the result of listening to that inside voice, leaning into my passion, and always seeking that which lights up my soul. My dad’s been one of my greatest teachers in life AND taking the leap to create my dream business.

What’s your #1 tip for moms interested in starting their own business?

Take the leap, don’t be afraid of failure but trust that when you’re doing something that you love and when you lead with that undeniable passion, your success is just around the corner. Release the fears and the but’s and know that your unique voice + vision deserves to have its place just like anyone else’s.

What does “me” time mean to you?

My morning practice is focused around movement + Vedic meditation. This practice helps to keep me grounded, rejuvenated and gives something back to me when a lot of my day is focused on giving to others. I thrive when I have the space to give back to myself both physically + mentally.

What‘s on your bedside table?

A crystal, a mason jar of water, my list of daily affirmations, and currently the book  I’m reading for the second time “City of Girls” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s SO good!

Words To Live By          

We are all super attractors! We have the power to live the exact lives we desire, offer our chosen dreams to the world, and be exactly who we were destined to be. It’s all in how we attract because “thoughts become things”. - Brooke Cates


To learn more about Brooke head to, and follow on Instagram @thebloommethod