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Moms Who Made It - Dr. Stephanie Canale
Moms Who Made It - Dr. Stephanie Canale

Moms Who Made It - Dr. Stephanie Canale

Here at Belly Bandit HQ, a women-owned and operated company, we believe in celebrating the success of all women in business! Our “Moms Who Made It” series is our way of honoring Mompreneurs who inspire us every day.

This week we're featuring Dr. Stephanie Canale founder of Lacation Lab, an amazing company that analyzes a mom's breast milk for basic nutritional content like calories and protein, as well as vitamins, fatty acids and environmental toxins. Results are then delivered in a user-friendly way along with suggestions for enhancing the quality of milk and provides the option for personal consultation. Breast news, ever! 

Describe your business philosophy in 5 words or less:

Persistence, patience, adaptability, perseverance and expectation of failures along the way

What inspired you to go into business?

I am a physician and mother of two. After returning to work when my daughter was 5 weeks old, I was adamant about nursing and pumping at work. Despite producing volumes of breastmilk and her drinking plenty, she was failure to thrive. This translated into me as feeling like a failure and sparked my interested in wanting to know what was in my milk.

When did you know you, “made it?”

I am what some people call an overachiever: I had my first job at 12, was working 25 hours a week throughout high school and supporting myself. I moved out when I was 17, put myself through medical school (first in my family to go to college) and paid off my student loans 3 years after graduating from residency. Our company is self-funded and I am still practicing medicine 4 days a week. Long story to say I have not made it yet!

What’s your #1 tip for moms interested in starting their own business?

Failure at times is to be expected and not to take things too personally.

What does “me” time mean to you?

It means alone time (sometimes just a few minutes) where I reflect on my goals for the day). Hey can range from having a call with an amazing powerful CEO to just remembering it is picture day at school and making sure my kids look somewhat presentable!

 What‘s on your bedside table?

A notebook and a pen because I can be forgetful. My Wishbeads bracelets that reminds me to work for my goals and manifest.

Words to live by - Share your favorite quote!

Common sense is not common


To learn more about Stephanie head to, and follow on Instagram @lactationlab.