One of a kind

Introducing the only doctor-designed, must-have pregnancy pillow

The โ€œS.O.S.โ€ is easy-to-use, ultra-compact, grows with you throughout your pregnancy, and puts your mind at ease so you can get your Zzzโ€™s! Developed by an OB/GYN, our patent-pending pregnancy support pillow keeps you securely in place, on your side, to allow for optimal blood flow and oxygen to your baby. Take the worry out of sleeping with this innovative, easy-to-use, pregnancy sleep solution!

Promotes side sleeping

Supports back and belly

optimal blood flow & oxygen to baby

Take the Worry Out of Sleeping

3-piece set

Back Pillow

Ergonomically correct โ€œno-rollover foamโ€ keeps you in place, while comfortably cradling your back


Fully adjustable with Velcroยฎ tabs to connect pillows, easily accommodates any size or stage

Belly Pillow

Ultra-soft wedge securely supports your belly


Compact, comfy, and wonโ€™t take up excess space in bed

โ€œIt also keeps me on my side to allow for optimal blood flow and oxygen to my babyโ€ฆwhich gives me peace of mind.โฃ"โ 


Meet Dr. Cynthia Robbins, MD, PA, OBGYN
See why she helped develop the S.O.S. Pillow
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