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Top FAQs

What does maternity shapewear do?

The best maternity shapewear should help support your growing belly without compressing it! The shapewear should be breathable, lightweight, and grow-with-you. It should also provide light compression in your tush and legs as well as overall smoothing.

Can I wear maternity shapewear while pregnant?

Yes! Look for items that are lightweight and provide smoothing and shaping. These products should never compress the belly but rather offer essential support.

Can I wear shapewear after giving birth

Absolutely! Postpartum shapewear is a great way to help support your core, compress your belly, and help you look and feel your absolute best.

Is maternity shapewear safe to wear during pregnancy?

Yes! But, unlike postpartum shapewear, maternity items should not compress the belly but rather provide essential support.

Does shapewear help after pregnancy?

It does! Many doctors recommend shapewear post-delivery to help support your core, promote mobility, and ease postpartum discomfort.

What is the best postpartum shapewear?

The best postpartum shapewear should first and foremost be comfortable. Look for items that provide compression and are designed specifically for postpartum use. We offer a wide variety of shapewear products to give new moms the support they need. Our shapewear line is all about comfort, compression, and style!

Can I wear a corset while pregnant?

In a word: No. Corsets are designed to provide strong compression, which is not recommended or safe for use during pregnancy.

If you are looking for maternity support, try our Upsie Belly®, Flawless Belly®, Belly Boost, or 2-in-1 Bandit or Bump Support Bodysuit.

Can wearing a maternity belt hurt the baby?

Our maternity support belts are specifically designed to be worn during pregnancy and will not harm your baby. Just make sure that the belt is worn correctly, under the belly for lift and support. It should never compress the belly or cause discomfort. Also, we recommend wearing a belly support throughout the day in intermittent periods at your comfort level.

About Postpartum Shapewear

Benefits of Belly Bandit Maternity & Postpartum Shapewear

Our maternity shapewear is designed to smooth, support and grow-with-you throughout your pregnancy. Shapewear products such as our Thighs Disguise and Bump Support Bodysuit can also help prevent uncomfortable thigh chafing and can be worn as underwear to avoid panty lines.

Our postpartum shapewear also smoothes and supports while also providing compression to help with recovery.

Features of Belly Bandit Shapewear

Our maternity shapewear features our WonderWeave™ material that keeps lotions and creams on your body to help fight stretch marks and hydrate dry, itchy pregnancy skin.

Our post-pregnancy shapewear features targeted compression zones, and our Mother Tucker collection of tanks, corsets, shorts, and leggings features Muffinology® technology to smooth muffin top.