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Nursing Shorts
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Nursing Shorts & Leggings

Top FAQs

Why do moms wear nursing leggings?

In a word, coverage! Nursing leggings ensure new moms won’t feel over-exposed, and of course, they’re ultra-comfortable!

What should I look for when choosing nursing leggings?

You’ll want to look for a pair that is high-waisted and made from comfortable materials. What makes our Leggings and Shorts stand apart is the 360° of powerful tummy compression – that not only provides modesty but engages your core with a secure fit.

What should I look for when choosing nursing shorts?

Just like nursing leggings, you’ll want to look for a high-waist, compression, and comfortable materials such as the seamless breathable knit found in our Mother Tucker Leggings and Shorts.

Can compression nursing leggings help postpartum?

Yes! Compression leggings help engage your core which in turn can help with posture while breastfeeding.

When can you wear compression nursing leggings after birth?

If you have a vaginal delivery, you can begin compression right away. C-section moms may want to wait until their incision area has healed, or they get an ok from their doctor to start wearing compression garments.

Can Belly Bandit nursing leggings be used for daily wear?

Absolutely! Our leggings are designed to be worn in the postpartum period and happily ever after.

Are Belly Bandit nursing leggings and shorts worth it?

We certainly think so! If you want comfortable nursing clothing that provides compression and coverage, our leggings and shorts are the way to go.

Can nursing leggings flatten my tummy after C-section?

Nursing leggings will compress the belly post-C-section and provide important core support. In fact, many doctors recommend compression nursing leggings after a C-section delivery to aid in recovery.

About Nursing Shorts & Leggings

Benefits of Belly Bandit Nursing Shorts & Leggings

Our Mother Tucker Leggings and Mother Tucker Biker Shorts are both ideal for nursing. This is due to the waistline that comes up just under the bra line, so breastfeeding moms get the coverage they need, making nursing easier and more comfortable.

Features of Belly Bandit Nursing Shorts & Leggings

Our Nursing Leggings and Nursing Shorts are designed using a seamless circular knit, 90% nylon / 10% spandex.