Belly Bandit®

S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow


Belly Bandit®

S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow


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When to Wear

Our doctor-designed, patent-pending pregnancy pillow is your ultimate sleep solution. No more worrying about waking up on your back, the “S.O.S.” Sleep Solution keeps you securely in place, on your side, to allow for optimal blood flow and oxygen to your baby. The “S.O.S.” is easy-to-use, ultra-compact, grows with you throughout your pregnancy and puts your mind at ease so you can get your Zzz’s!

Why You'll Love It
  • Keeps you on your side to maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen to your baby 
  • Comfortable, functional and portable 
  • Ob/Gyn developed
  • Supports your back and belly while you sleep
  • Takes the worry out of sleeping in your 2nd & 3rd trimester
Details Matter
  • 3-piece set includes belt, back support and pregnancy wedge pillows
  • Velcro tabs securely connect pillows to the belt to create a stable sleeping position 
  • Ergonomically correct “no-rollover” foam  
  • Helps avoid potentially dangerous “back” sleeping 
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate any size or stage 
  • Machine washable cases 
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable
  • Comes in an easy travel case so you can get the support you need, anytime, anywhere
How To Wear
  1. 1. PREP IT: Lay band flat with black side facing up. 
  2. 2. ATTACH IT: Securely attach belly pillow to the right end. 
  3. 3. ADJUST IT:  Lay it flat on bed with attached pillows to create a safe sleep zone.
Specifications & Care


  • 62% polyester 
  • 33% rayon
  • 5% spandex


  • 100% polyurethane
  • Remove cover from foam and hand wash cold
  • Lat flat to dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Replace after washing
  • Do not wash inner pillows

Belly Bandit® Belly Wraps now eligible for reimbursement from a number of US health insurance companies. Read more about insurance reimbursement and download the claim form.


Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Velcro scratches

This pillow helped. I went from waking up 6-8 times on my back in the night to a mere 2-3. It works good to support your bump when your on your side. I’ve been using it with my pregnancy pillow so I still have the pillow between my legs for my back. My only complaint is that after awhile, the Velcro on the back wedge portion starts to pull and come out underneath me while I’m sleeping. It scratches you pretty badly. I had to safety pin the cover to the pillow so it would stop moving. They should see the back wedge to the Velcro strip and make it so only the front belly wedge is adjustable. That would fix this issue. Also. I feel the pillow is a bit overpriced, however, my husband surprised me with it so I am pleased it has helped me to not roll on my back as much.

Nice, safe innovation

I had purchased one of those huge C shape body pillows to help me convert from a back sleeper to a side sleeper in my second trimester. It took up over half of our queen bed and I felt miles away from my husband. I still ended up wiggling out of it at night in my sleep and would wake up multiple times on my back. One night I woke up to go to the bathroom and my legs got caught in the C pillow it and I fell out of bed hitting my head and arm on the night stand. I knew I needed a different solution. I saw this SOS pillow online and thought it was worth a try. It was expensive, but much smaller and didn't seem like a safety hazard. Overall, I think it's a great invention and I love how compact it is for travel. It also adjusts in width with the Velcro strap as my baby bump grows. I still wake up on my back 1-2 times a night since the belly wedge isn't super tall to prevent rolling, but I can use my own pillow for my head now which has helped with neck pain. Its also a bonus you can remove both pillows from the Velcro strip and use them for support while sitting during the day. I now need a separate pillow for in-between my knees to support my hips versus the C pillow being all the pillows in 1, but again, I think the SOS pillow is a much better option across all categories. I would recommend any mammas giving this a try.

Good pillow but not perfect

This pillow is very supportive and doesn’t take up a lot of room on your bed. I took a star because it’s a process to switch sides in the middle of the night. I end up just throwing it off the bed when I’m really tired.

S.O.S Pillow

Best Nursing Pillow Ever!!! I love how comfortable it is and the support it provides to keep me sleeping on my side. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it doesn't take up the whole bed, and I can still have some closure to my hubby while sleeping without this huge barrier in between vs one of the big U shaped nursing pillows. I highly recommend this Nursing Pillow to all my Preggo Moms. Don't think about it, go ahead and make that purchase :)

Super helpful!

I am typically a back or stomach sleeper so when I was told I should sleep on my side while pregnant it was a really difficult adjustment. I tried pillows and wedges but I would just push them out of the way in the middle of the night. The SOS pillow gave me enough flexibility to feel comfortable but helped keep me in a safe position. It did make me a little stiff at times but I pushed through it while it was early in my pregnancy and the pillow trained me so now in the later part of my pregnancy I can comfortably sleep on my side. The last few months of my pregnancy would be have been a lot harder and uncomfortable if I had not gotten this pillow from the start!