Belly Bandit®

Don't Sweat It

Belly Bandit®

Don't Sweat It

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Minimizes the effects of unsightly and uncomfortable under-boob perspiration.

Our ultra soft, moisture wicking bra liner keeps you dry while minimizing the effects of unsightly and uncomfortable under-boob perspiration. Any size, any age or any activity - these sweat soakers are the perfect way to stay dry and comfortable around the clock.

Simply slide our discreet liner beneath the bottom of your bra and say goodbye to wet clothes and irritated skin.

Why You'll Love It
  • Fits discreetly under your bra
  • Soft material moves with your body
  • Helps you stay dry and comfortable
Details Matter


  • Ultra-soft and gentle on your skin while moving with your body!
How To Wear

Place our discreet liner beneath the bottom of your bra.  Wear side with care content against your body.

Specifications & Care

Machine wash cold with mild soap
Do not bleach
Lay flat to dry
Do not iron
Do not dry clean


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Saved from Stinky Boobs

I love this thing. I have large, heavy breasts and unless I wear an underwire, they always end up sweating heavily even on colder days. This helps so much to absorb that sweat and cause less stinky under- boobs! Will be ordering another one so I always have one on hand

Need more!!

I LOVE this thing. It's not really as big or thick as I expected and (being very big-busted) you can't even see it when I'm wearing it. So soft, so comfy. The only drawback is the price, because I would really like to have one of these for every day of the week and my budget just doesn't allow for $150 worth of boob sweat bands.

Love this!

This is literally a life (or boob) saver. It makes a huge difference in keeping sweat away and getting the painful 'rash' or the dry skin that followed. I would highly recommend it to anyone dealing with the annoyance.

Love love love (the old version)

Loved the first 5 I bought, I work outside a lot and we at 90° ya sweat! Bought 5 more, wear every day!!! Hate doing laundry weekly so bought 5 more :( it now is thinner, has stitching all around the border that irritates and do not have the boxes to return. I even spoke to a really nice male who said they did not have any left of old version. Great product - the old style.

Don’t Sweat It

This is a fantastic product in black, but unfortunately the nude color has only one absorbent side while the other is made of non-absorbent nylon. Got the black one first, loved it (it’s basically reversible), then went back for the nude. Would not have done so had I known it was not made of the same material. As the customer, I’m looking at a picture of this product with three color options so I’m expecting to get exactly the same product, only difference being the color. Very disappointing that that was not the case.