How can we help you?

The fact that you're here means something is not right – but we won't rest until it is.


We're pleased to offer our customers a fast and easy return process.

Before you return your order:

We're sorry something is wrong! The first thing you should do is get in touch. We're here to make you happy.

If you still plan to return your order:

Make sure your order was placed in the past 30 days – orders outside the 30 day grace period will not be accepted and will not work on our system.

Double check that your merchandise shows no sign of wear, and all tags are on. Merchandise cannot be damaged, creased, stretched, stained, or show signs of use.

Remember: compression products immediately form to your body shape if worn for an extended period, so if you are considering an exchange - wear it briefly.

Your merchandise must be returned in its original packaging – but above all, it needs to have the tags attached.

Think your Belly Wrap is the wrong size?

When you first put on your Belly Wrap, the ends should barely be able to close. That's right – if you can pull the velcro closed, it is too big!

If the ends of the band are 1-2 inches shy of closing, here's a tip: lay down! Try closing your band lying on your bed or sofa, maybe ask a partner to help. If it's super tight, only wear it a few hours each day. You'll soon be wearing it around the clock!

Watch sizing video

If the band is 3 or more inches from closing, your band should be returned.

How to start a return or exchange:

Our returns process is simple:

  • Click the button below and enter your Order ID and the email you used at checkout.
  • Select the products you are returning.
  • Print the pre-paid return label for a faster refund and to track your return back us.
  • Once we receive your package, we'll check them out and issue a refund to your original payment method (or we'll follow up with some questions). This can take up to one week.
  • A $6.95 service fee will be deducted per return package.
  • If you ordered incorrectly, you can simply return your product and repurchase the correct one.

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