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Top FAQs

What clothes should I wear for breastfeeding?

We recommend nursing tank tops, nursing t-shirts, and a few good nursing bras. You’ll want products that are comfortable and have ease of use. Keep in mind nursing can get messy, so having multiple items is a good idea!

Is it OK to wear sports bras while nursing?

Yes! Our Nursing Sports Bra is designed with quick-dry, moisture-wicking performance fabric making it perfect for the active mom. It also features an easy one-hand clasp release with a modesty shield. The bra also offers wire-free support and has no-dig, extra-wide padded straps for a comfortable fit.

When should you start wearing nursing bras?

It’s up to you, but many women start wearing them during pregnancy as this is the time when your breasts begin to grow and change.

How do nursing tank tops work?

Nursing Tanks come in a variety of styles. The best nursing tanks are ones that have easy slide over nursing access, provide support, coverage and keep nursing pads in place.

Do you really need nursing tank tops?

A nursing tank is a great option for breastfeeding moms. Keep in mind you’ll potentially be breastfeeding for a year or more, so having a variety of clothing options is a good idea. You’ll want to find a tank that gives you support and keeps your nursing pads in place.

What should I wear to bed when breastfeeding?

A comfortable sleep bra, such as our B.D.A. Bra is a great option to wear to bed when breastfeeding. This bra is wire-free and has a wide bottom for a secure fit. It’s lightweight and features stretch and recover fabric which means you can start wearing it during pregnancy and happily ever after!

About Maternity Nursing Wear

Benefits of Belly Bandit Clothing for Nursing Moms

We offer a variety of products to help make nursing more manageable and more comfortable, from bras to tanks and tees! The benefit of these products is that they are all designed to support breastfeeding. For example, we have a leakproof bra, a sleep bra, a sports bra, and a traditional nursing bra. We also have soft nursing tees and compression nursing tanks – so no matter what you’re looking for in terms of nursing, we’ve got you covered!

Features of Belly Bandit Nursing Clothing

Our B.D.A. Bra, Bandita Nursing Bra, and Nursing Sports Bra are all designed with easy nursing access and soft materials. They also have wide straps for comfort. Our Perfect Nursing Tee is made from a buttery soft fabric and has a hidden second layer for easy access and full coverage. Our Mother Tucker Nursing Tank Top combines easy slide-over cups with belly compression for full coverage and comfort.