Belly Bandit®

Organic Belly Wrap - Final Sale

$42.00 Regular price $69.95
Belly Bandit®

Organic Belly Wrap - Final Sale

$42.00 Regular price $69.95

Belly Bandit® Belly Wraps are eligible for reimbursement from a number of US health insurance companies. Read more about insurance reimbursement and download the claim form.

Finding Your Size

To ensure the most accurate sizing, we do not advise sizing earlier than the 8th month. Please note, every “body” is different and determining your postpartum Belly Wrap size is not an exact science.

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Customer Reviews

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This one is far too long for my torso. If I move it down further onto my waist I cannot Velcro it and if I move it up it’s directly under my breasts. It looked much shorter in the picture on the model. Due to that it is not comfortable to wear while doing anything and it sits directly under my breasts so I can’t wear a bra with. I followed sizing recommendation and bought a size xs and had trouble getting it on the first week so was not able to wear it. I’m 5 2 and 117 pounds pre-pregnancy.

We are so sorry to hear it wasn't a great fit. We do advise the BFF style for shorter or short waisted women as it fits better. If you haven't worn it and there is no signs of wear please feel free to call our customer service department about a return so you can purchase the BFF.
Comfortable and IT WORKS!

I have used this following two pregnancies and plan to use it again following my current one. Love the snugness of the fit and the feeling of support it offers. This one in particular is soft and comfortable and most of the time I forgot I was even wearing it. Definitely helped me regain control of my core and (combined with breastfeeding, a healthy diet & gradual exercise) helped the swelling i that area go down fairly quickly.

So Comfy!

My baby was 4 wks old before I got the Organic Belly Bandit. I have had multiple births and this was the first time I have used a band afterward. Wow! I have so missed out on a great idea. I put it on and was SO impressed at just how comfortable it was! I had no problem wearing it 23 hrs a day. It made it so much easier to pull in my abdominal muscles and do the exercising I wanted and needed to do. I wish I had tried one with my earlier postpartum experiences. I have already shared this with several other mothers to encourage them to use one. My only regret is that I am so short and the band had buckled some do to my short torso. However, after taking the band off for a short time, it relaxes the creases and is more comfy again. I would suggest Belly Bandit make a shorter one for us short moms.... or maybe an hour glass style?

Great support!

I had my baby 2 weeks ago, the belly bandit has been great! Wonderful back support and helping to get my figure back sooner. It doesn't bunch and I only have to Velcro the band in the morning. It stays all day!

Didn't fit me well

I'm a hourglass shaped figure, my hips are much wider than my waist. This bandit doesn't fit me well. I have the correct size and that part is fine but it rides up on me and won't stay put regardless of how tight or loose I put it on. It's hot and uncomfortable and every time I wear it my back hurts where my kidneys are. The Velcro bunches up because as I'm trying to explain I'm thinner in some areas than others, I'm an hourglass shape and the Velcro closing system it doesn't work well w my shape and it shows through clothes. It seems like the design of the product is intended for a rounded shaped figure. The composition of the belly bandit is no longer in tact either and I only wore a week.