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Intimates Compression Tights

Top FAQs

What are compression tights?

Compression tights, leggings, and socks, apply gentle pressure to your muscles. This helps improve blood circulation, which helps the muscles they come in contact with have more energy and help prevent varicose veins when theyโ€™re under a lot of pressure.

When can you wear compression tights when pregnant?

You can wear them any time! Many women choose to put them on after a long day of walking or being on their feet, as they help reduce soreness (athletes use them after a long workout, too!), but you can wear them any time. Airplane rides or road trips are also a great time to wear them to help with blood flow. Listen to your body and take them off when you feel ready. If you have questions, itโ€™s always a good idea to talk to your doctor.

Are compression tights good for pregnancy swelling?

Yes! Compression tights are awesome for pregnancy swelling! If youโ€™re having a particularly bad day with swelling, slip these tights on and youโ€™ll feel a difference within minutes.

Do compression tights help with pregnancy varicose veins?

Again, yes! Compression tights are great for varicose veins in pregnancy. They help increase blood flow and circulation in your muscles.

When should you start wearing compression tights?

Whenever you want to. But if youโ€™re wearing them to help with varicose veins or swelling in particular, we suggest you start wearing them regularly before swelling becomes a problem. Prevention is always best.

How long should you wear compression tights?

Most doctors who prescribe compression socks, pants, or tights will tell their patients to wear them as long as they are comfortable. The same goes for mamas-to-be! Wear them as long as they feel comfortable and as often as you like.

What are the best compression tights?

Well, we love our Maternity Compression Tights! With special grow-with-you belly support, you can begin wearing them from the minute you find out youโ€™re pregnant to delivery day. Theyโ€™re soft, breathable, and have gradient compression to give you the best support.

How many hours a day should you wear compression tights?

We suggest a couple hours a day if youโ€™re intent on keeping that swelling down. But againโ€”wear them as much or as little as you like.

How do you know what size compression tights to buy?

Make sure to check out the sizing guide for any compression tights. Each size is going to give you a range for your waist and hips, and youโ€™ll want to be as accurate as you can. For pregnancyโ€”it doesnโ€™t hurt to size up a little bit, as you know youโ€™re going to grow quickly. Remember: the point of compression tights is that they are snug and tight!

How do I wear my Belly Bandit compression tights?

Putting on your Belly Bandit Compression Tights is just like putting on a regular pair of tights! But here are some expert tips: First, make sure your legs are completely dry, and take off your jewelry to avoid snagging. Reach your hand into the tights and grab the inside of the heel. While holding the heel, turn the tights inside out to leave a little pocket for your foot; slip your toes in and pull up to your heel. Make sure your feet are comfortable before you pull up more (you know how tough it is to bend over when youโ€™re pregnant!). Then grab the upper layer of fabric and lift it over your foot and ankle. Keep pulling the tights slowly, a little at a time, up to your waist. Adjust as necessary, and note that the best fit is when the bottom of the belly seam is pulled up between your legs and resting comfortably in the groin area.

About Intimates Compression Tights

Benefits of Belly Bandit Compression Tights

Belly Banditโ€™s Maternity Compression Tights are designed to provide support and comfortโ€”from your belly to your toes. Our graduated, medical grade tights are unlike any other: designed to energize your tired mama legs, improve circulation, and help prevent varicose veins (ouch!). Youโ€™ll feel cared for and supported when you put these on, ready to take on the world.

Features of Belly Bandit Compression Tights

With the best medical grade compression, and a gradient of 20-30mmHG from your toes to your thighs, these tights are fantastic during pregnancy and also as recovery compression tights once baby is in your arms. The soft microfiber fabric helps you feel silky smooth all day, with a breathable cotton-bled gusset to keep you from sweating. Of course, these compression tights are created with built-in belly support, too, making them some of the best compression tights for pregnancy and postpartum!

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