Hospital Bag Must-Have!

Hospital Bag Must-Have!

Packing up for 'delivery day' can be daunting! That's why we love these tips from Belly Bandit Brand Ambassador Kat Kamalani.

Getting ready for the hospital I felt like I was in the dark on what to bring! What will my hospital have? What will I need? Do I need to bring her certain items? Will they have diapers or wipes?

I wanted to make sure I was prepared, but not too much that we are bringing lots of extra stuff that we don’t need.

Snacks: we brought healthy snacks for us. The cafeteria isn’t open 24/7 and you are up weird hours of the night. It is good to bring some snacks for you and your significate other to enjoy. Some items I packed is dried mangos, turkey jerky, trail mix and some candy 

Clothing: I packed comfy PJs that also I could easily breastfeed. I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable, but cute when we had visitors. 

BFF Belly Bandit I am super excited about this product, I loved their upsie belly that helped my back all through pregnancy. Now I am super excited I'm using their BFF belly bandit wrap. It has helped get everything back together. I love how it helps aid in slimming your waist, support your back and at the same time helping you strengthen your core muscles.*

Electronics: Make sure to pack your cameras (charged), tripods, chargers for your phone and anything to keep you entertained. You might be there for awhile!

Toiletries: Self-explanatory, but bring extra towels. It will feel so nice to have the luxury of “home” there and not use the towels that are scratchy at the hospital.

For Baby: They will have diapers, wipes and everything else in between! Make sure to bring some PJs, going home outfit and any accessories (bows) for pictures there! Also make sure you stock up on the items they give you at the hospital (burp clothes, diapers, pads etc..)

Pillow/blanket: I am a light sleeper and love to be in my own bed. I brought my own pillow, ear plugs and blanket which made me feel a lot more comfortable.

Slippers: Bring slippers to walk around the hospital and comfy socks! You won't want to put shoes on after giving birth or think about bending over.

Make sure to take lots of pictures and video! At the time you are going to feel the farthest from cute, but looking back I am so grateful I took the pics and home video. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!

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