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"Cough, laugh, lift things without worry with a reliable pair of leak-proof panties. These super-smooth, soft undies lay flat and catch small leaks to give you confidence and comfort."

"Tried and true for more than a decade, the no-frills Belly Bandit gets the job done with its easy-to-use wraparound design. The Velcro closure allows for nine inches of adjustability (letting you control the squeeze factor) and the medical-grade compression elastic helps strengthen core muscles, support good posture and ease back pain (among other benefits). Not to mention, this belly wrap is covered by several major health insurance companiesโ€”making the decision to try it a no-brainer."

"The Belly Bandit Mother Tucker leggings were an absolute lifesaver in the first month after giving birth. Not only do they provide much-needed support, but they feature a custom compression technology that helps reduce swelling."

"It absorbs sweat and leaves you with a dry bra. It's also great for when you're wearing certain things, like silk or satin, that make boob sweat apparent and visible. It's also great because you can just buy a couple of these and throw them in the washer, without having to wash your sweaty bra every other day."


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