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We’re thrilled that our Mother Tucker Leggings were recently featured on
“Listen, you probably weren’t serious about that tummy tuck post-labor, but thanks to these pants, you can stay far away from the operating table. Mother Tucker Leggings boast three compression centers to smooth your thighs, flatten your tummy, and boost your tush. So you can go ahead and say “buh-bye” to any muffin top woes. Pro tip: Go ahead and throw them in the washing machine — you don’t have to worry about them losing their shape in the wash.”Read More
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Mother Tucker Review

2/25/2015 12:47 PM

Mother Tucker by Belly Bandit® | Review

As soon as I got preggo with babeh #2, I promised myself that I’d give postpartum compression garments a whirl this time around (I totally missed the boat with baby Dylan).  Read More
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They say fake it ’til you make it – or at least until you can zip your way back into your pre-baby wardrobe. Here’s a 4-part plan to get you feeling like yourself again – without lifting a finger (or a dumbbell).

Healing Hearts title=


Mama Strut Post Partum Care System The dirty secret about labor and delivery is that once it’s over it’s not really over. Recovery from the whole shebang lasts for weeks. But this (slightly scary looking) pelvic brace helps lessen the discomfort with ice and heat therapy for the perineum (yes, we just said that outloud), vagina, abs, and back. We could feel our core strengthening every time we took it off. 
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Set Ascending Direction

3 Item(s)