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1/11/2016 11:52 AM

Bandit Birth Story | January | Sixth Entry

#BanditaBirthStory | Sixth Entry: January 2nd 2016
Riley is now five months! It’s amazing to me how motherhood has impacted everything I do. Recently, while driving in a rainstorm, I was overcome with protective mom thoughts. What if the car skidded? What if we were in an accident? I found myself searching for safety nets such as the nearest exits, quickest route to the hospital etc., things I never concerned myself with prior to becoming a mom. Read More
Posted in #BanditaBirthStory By Belly Bandit


12/23/2015 11:52 AM

Bandit Birth Story | August | Fifth Entry

#BanditaBirthStory | Fifth Entry: August 29th 2015
I’ve been a mom for just over a month and I’m still in the glow! Yes, my lower belly is numb and the C-section incision area is sore, but overall I’m happy with the healing process. I’m still shocked I have a human that depends on me for everything. I’m overwhelmed by my feelings for him. I am finally finding my rhythm and adjusting to the daily care schedule from diapering to sleep to feeding – aka the whirlwind! Read More
Posted in #BanditaBirthStory By Belly Bandit

Winter Pregnancy Glow Giveaway

12/22/2015 12:37 PM

Belly Bandit & Nine Naturals Giveaway

The winter season is upon us in all its frost-covered glory. Being pregnant during this joyous time of year can be magical (especially for those that get to share in your excitement), but it can also be stressful and exhausting. That’s why we wanted to share these relaxation tips from our friends at Nine Naturals: Read More
Posted in Giveaways By Belly Bandit
Chudney Ross | Belly Bandit Celebrity Mom

Holiday Children’s Book Gift Guide
With the Holidays in full swing, I know we are all making our lists and checking them twice! Well, cross a few names off your list with my Holiday Children’s Book Gift Guide! First of all, what better way to get into the holiday spirit then to snuggle up in matching holiday PJs (Check out pajamagram.com), under a warm blanket with a hot chocolate, a book and a cookie!
Share these holiday themed favorites and create memories that will last a lifetime! Read More
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12/16/2015 11:52 AM

Bandit Birth Story | August | Fourth Entry

#BanditaBirthStory | Fourth Entry: August 29th 2015
The pain I was experiencing from the C-section is nearly gone and I’m realizing that I can now get out of bed without wincing or struggling. It’s much easier for me to pick up Riley and it’s nice that I can think less about my discomfort and more about him! Read More
Posted in #BanditaBirthStory By Belly Bandit


12/9/2015 11:52 AM

#BanditBirthStory | Third Entry 8.22.15 | Belly Bandit

#BanditaBirthStory | Third Entry: August 22nd

Like many first time moms-to-be I had an idea in my head about how my labor and delivery would go. It went something like this, easy and fast! Read More
Posted in #BanditaBirthStory By Belly Bandit
Belly Bandit® Celebrity Mom Sia Cooper

Before I gave birth I had heard so many great things about postpartum girdles and the magic surrounding them that I already knew I was going to give one a try. I chose Belly Bandit over many different brands due to the large amount of positive reviews, but also because it was very fair-priced and durable.

My girdle helped shrink my tummy and snap me back into shape-without the dreaded pooch! I recommend every woman wear a postpartum girdle after delivery because the benefits are absolutely endless. Read More
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11/30/2015 4:04 PM

"It’s hard to believe that I became a mom only a week ago. In some ways I feel like I have been doing this forever. And in other moments, I feel like it’s all just a dream. Of course, between a crying baby and C-section discomfort the reality
is never too far away!" Read More
Posted in #BanditaBirthStory By Belly Bandit

As a Yoga and Fitness instructor, I'm hyper aware of the state of my body. It was a surprise to me that after I have had 2 babies, my body is stronger and leaner than ever before. No one told me that this was even a possibility. Read More
Posted By Belly Bandit


11/16/2015 3:07 PM

Belly Bandit co-founder Kari Caden and son Riley

Kari Caden is the co-founder of Belly Bandit . On August 4th, 2015 she welcomed her son, Riley, via emergency C-section.
We will be sharing Kari’s new mom experiences on the Belly Bandit blog Read More
Posted in #BanditaBirthStory By Belly Bandit
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