By now your entire focus has been on baby and making sure you deliver perfection! Now we want you to start getting back to you. When you feel good, everyone feels good, but when momma ain't right, no one is right! So let us help you feel and look like your old self! If you haven't ordered a Belly Bandit to help shrink and tighten your belly, waist and hips - do not delay. If you are currently wearing your Belly Bandit - keep going. If you shrink out of it before 10 weeks make sure you drop down to a smaller size... When you're out on the town and still want that dressed to compress look, try our Mother Tucker collection. From tanks to leggings, we have you covered!


• Check yourself for signs of baby blues and postpartum depression.

• Take a lesson in caring for your newborn's umbilical cord.

• Get help with breastfeeding or bottle feeding issues.

• Ask your doctor when it is OK to exercise.

• Record your newborn's first days.

• Learn how to prevent SIDS.

• Get the most up-to-date info on vaccinations and decide what's best for your child.


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